Tips for Designing a Website

Welcome to the world of website development. So, are you ready to design your first website? First and foremost, choose a relevant name which is memorable. Also check whether your chosen name is not already taken up by somebody. Do this by checking the domain name at or other such sites.

If this is your first website project or you would rather get your website designed from someone, search on the internet for "website development" and "website design". Out of the results contact a website designer with proven repute and good clientele.

Start with what you know. If your company already has logos, colors or graphics of some type that represent your business then use them.

Conduct some research. Spend some time searching similar sites that relate to what your site will be about. This might help with the layout and organization of the information you want to present on your site.

Forms are a very important part of every web site. They give you orders for product, tell you what your customer wants or gives you feedback on the services you provide. A well thought out form can save you and your customer a lot of time.

Below is a list of questions that should help get you going in the right direction when making plans for the design of your web site.