E - Business

Scope of e-business applications
These applications can be available to different kind of users:

E - Business The E-commerce Website
Just about any teen-ager these days knows how to create a basic web page but there is a big difference between a simple personal web page and an effective, well-designed, secure, e-commerce site. The main difference is that no money is changing hands on the personal page and people don’t part with their hard-earned smackers recklessly, not to mention their personal financial information. At INTIGER we understand what it takes to create a solid, secure e-commerce website but unless your product or service is absolutely unique, chances are there are many other websites selling the exact same thing and maybe even for less money. So how do you get that potential customer to trust you and buy something online from your website? Trust is a big word as far as E-business is concerned.E - Business

By presenting a professional image, by instilling confidence that your site is secure and your company is more than capable of fulfilling the order quickly and accurately. And by responding to questions, returning emails promptly, having your return policy clearly posted, having your company’s contact information readily available with a phone number, and by letting them know that there is a real human being on the other end of that mouse who cares about the service they receive. If you had the choice to buy the same product from two different websites and one of them was as described above and the other seemed like an anonymous site in cyberspace, which one would you buy from?

INTIGER provides, enables and maintains profitable e-commerce solutions for your enterprise. Please feel free to contact us to know what we can do for your business.