Get Web Traffic by Organizing Your Website

Website organization is one of the key factors to a successful website.

To get organized you first need to know what point you're trying to make. What's your main idea? Try to sum up your main point in a few words, or one sentence. Most of the time this will be your title, header, logo or top graphics. The viewer should have no question of what your site is about with just one look at your home page.

Build the rest of the web site around your sub points. Break up the site into small chunks. Don't put more than one main idea on a page if you can at all help it. Give the viewer as many choices as you feel you need to present your ideas but don't put a phone book’s worth of information on any one page. This will bore and confuse. Decide what's important to your web site and make those ideas buttons or links where you explain them further on proceeding pages.

Now you have a top and some links, you probably still have some blank space somewhere on your page, so say something. A small blurb about what your visitor can expect from your web site is always helpful. Images could be helpful but some text is always a good idea. A mission statement, service or product explanation or just a short welcome will do. Always be sure to give yourself credit at the bottom with a copyright and an email link where people can contact you with any questions.

A good design should help the reader to focus and understand what you're telling them. When you keep your designs simple, you'll increase your reader's ability to digest the information, not be overwhelmed and enjoy their stay at your web site