First Impression is Last Impression!

The average web surfer pauses about five seconds while determining whether your website meets his or her needs. That's all the time you have to make that important first impression.

First, present yourself professionally and quickly. Before you ever start building your web site decide what image you want to portray to your customer. Use a logo type that is memorable and colors that are appealing to your target audience. Next, be sure the first thing your web site displays is a reason for visitors to stick around. When someone comes to your site it needs to be blatantly obvious how your site can help them. Display short blurbs of text prominently on your site that tell the visitor what you have to offer and why they should continue to another page for more details. They probably came looking for something in particular so don’t make them search for it, put it right in their face. Put those all together into a fast loading home page and you have made it past the first hurdle.

After your attention grabber, or your main point, present your company in a short sentence that sums up what you do, where you’re at, what your history is, etc. Present whatever you feel makes your company unique and then give the visitor places to find out more. A contact us page, FAQ area, company history, etc. It’s important to tell about yourself and what is great about your company to create customer loyalty but the customer is not there to revel in your greatness. So, focus primarily on what you can do for the customer.

You should present them with some facts and research information about the product you are selling and then show how your product relates to these facts and information in a positive light. You really must educate them first before you can approach them with a sales pitch. Your visitors probably came to your site with a specific need. Focus on the need your company fills and present a wealth of options on how the customer can fulfill their need using your company.

To successfully market your business, plan your hook and then plant your hook so the customer returns. Focus on your customers, offer valuable content that will educate them and then present why your product, pricing, services etc. are exactly what they are looking for. Remember, your web site is the first thing visitors will discover about your business. Make that first impression a unique impression!